About Us


About the Founder

The founder of The Finishing Touch, Coleen M. Bristow, is a native to Delaware and also shares part of her time as a resident in coastal Florida. Having owned several homes in Delaware and designing a home in Florida, allowed Coleen to exercise her creative talents for interior spaces.  Some of Coleen’s greatest joy comes not only from the lifelong passion and development for optimal interiors, but sharing that ability with others as well.

The style of The Finishing Touch is reflected in classic, casually elegant and contemporary projects; past and current. With a combination of an innate ability, an attention to detail and an understanding of the following, The Finishing Touch can help create interiors you will love.  This applies to your existing home, moving to a new home or preparing your home to be placed on the market.


Color is mood defining and sets an overall tone


Texture, in the right place, adds dimension and beckons the curious to touch


Furniture placement should be inviting and functional simultaneously

Timeless & Trend

Striking the right balance, knowing when to add a trendy feature and when to keep it timeless

Attention to Details

It is absolutely The Finishing Touch details that will set your home apart and surpasses expectations

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